MNS Consul limited provide interim management services covering a range of positions from Service Manager, Home Manager and Area Manager. We also support our customer with the turnaround management of care Homes, Residential Homes, and Domiciliary Care.

MNS Consul Limited also provide Mock CQC inspections using the Key Lines of Enquiry, provider compliance visits and support action planning. We support our customers with registering new services and interview preparation for managers applying for Registered Manager status.

We provide audit services that guarantees excellence and staff training that includes mandatory training and support with rostering software such as Office Base, Staffplan, Ezitracker, CM2000, Caras, Ulysses People Planner, PCS, Emar and Radar.

We can also support our customers with their compliance within the Health and Social Care Act. We undertake compliance audits trough specific aspects of our customers’ service including medication, care planning and risk assessments.

Our customers will be allocated with one experienced team member who will spend a day in your care service and will look at the specific aspect of compliance.  They will then provide verbal feedback to the person responsible for that area in your care service and provide a short report on our findings and key actions for you.

So, whether you have just had an inspection or need some short-term interim management whilst you are recruiting, MNS Consul Limited is able to help you cover a range of senior positions on a short- or medium-term basis.

Invest in Your Care Business’s Success with our Care and Compliance Consultancy Services.

Interim Management

Interim management is an effective solution for ensuring that your care home, residential care home, or domiciliary care service operates at its best. With an interim manager on board, you can be confident that standards won’t slip.

Our interim management team will not only maintain your current level of service but can also initiate change programs when necessary. They’ll provide regular feedback to ensure everyone is informed and aware of progress. Let us help you maintain the high quality of care you provide to your residents or clients.

CQC Compliance & Advisory

Maximise your service’s potential with the help of our CQC consultants. They’ll provide you with the tools and resources needed to make improvements and support you in meeting and exceeding CQC standards. Our team will work closely with you to create an action plan for success, which includes developing robust policies and procedures to ensure standards are maintained and regulations are met, as well as measuring the practice of the service against these policies to demonstrate good governance.

Care Planning & Risk Assessments

Our team of experts will conduct thorough risk assessments, taking into account all relevant regulations, such as moving and handling, falls, fire, and other risks to ensure a safe and secure environment for residents. With evidence-based care planning, we’ll help create personalised plans that are tailored to residents’ specific needs and make the most efficient use of limited resources to ensure compliance while providing the best quality care to your residents.

Audit Services

We understand the importance of providing evidence for care quality regulatory bodies. To ensure excellence in Staff Rostering and staff training, including mandatory training, we provide audit services that guarantee accuracy and completeness.

Our audit services include support with rostering software such as Office Base, Staffplan, Ezitracker, CM2000, Caras, Ulysses People Planner, PCS, Emar and Radar, to ensure that all staff are adequately trained and rostered. We also provide a complete audit trail of activity, so that you can be sure that all regulations and standards are being met.

Crisis Turnaround – with leadership in Care Quality & Compliance

Our team, comprised of registered managers, registered nurses and quality monitoring officers, provides a unique perspective on handling challenging situations in the care setting. With our expertise, we’ll help you develop an effective plan that not only complies with regulations but will give you peace of mind knowing your care setting is prepared in case of a crisis. Rest assured, our guidance and mentoring will help you maintain control and earn the approval of local authorities.

Investigations & Reports

Our Investigations & Reports service is designed to assist care providers in ensuring the highest quality of care for their residents and clients. Our experienced team is equipped to handle a wide range of complaints, including those related to safeguarding, disciplinary hearings, grievances and appeals.

We provide thorough and Independent evaluations, investigations and reports to help resolve issues that may arise in nursing homes, residential care homes and domiciliary care environments

Mock CQC Inspections

Ensure your health and social care service is prepared for its next CQC inspection with our mock inspection service. Our expert team will conduct a full review of all the Key Lines of Enquiry used by regulators to assess your service, including caring, safety, responsiveness, effectiveness, and leadership.

Our mock inspection report can be used as a valuable resource in preparation for your actual CQC inspection, providing comprehensive feedback and reporting on areas where the service can be improvedwhile ensuring your staff are confident in their abilities. Additionally, we’ll help your Registered Manager build their evidence portfolio and create a Service Improvement Plan to improve grades and provide a roadmap for future success.

With our mock inspection service, you can rest assured that your health and social care organisation is fully prepared for its next regulatory inspection.

Training & Staff Development

At MNS Consul, we understand the importance of providing high-quality, cost-effective training and consultancy to the health and social care sector. We provide engaging and bespoke training packages to nursing care homes, residential care homes and domiciliary care services, tailored to the individual organisation to ensure that the training is relevant to that particular service and optimises learning.

Our training packages include CQC-compliant accredited courses as well as awareness courses, to ensure that staff are up to date with the latest developments in the sector and are equipped with the necessary skills to deliver the highest quality of care. We also provide ongoing staff development and support to ensure that staff are able to continue to develop their skills and knowledge to provide the best possible services to those in their care.

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