In the ever-changing healthcare sector, maintaining high standards is imperative. The well-being of those in your care hinges on your team’s performance. However, unforeseen circumstances can arise, potentially forcing your organisation into a crisis.

At MNS Consul, we specialise in supporting healthcare providers who have received a less-than-optimal Care Quality Commission (CQC) rating. Our goal is to elevate the level of care provided to patients and subsequently enhance the CQC rating.

Understanding Crisis Management Turnaround

Crisis turnaround entails revitalising a service/s within organisations facing challenges, often resulting in a subpar CQC rating. Swift and effective resolution of these issues is crucial for the care provider’s continued operation and the ongoing care of its patients.

MNS Consul offers top-tier crisis management turnaround support nationwide. This encompasses the deployment of seasoned interim managers to address challenges stemming from staff vacancies. Additionally, we devise comprehensive action plans involving all staff to rectify major issues, all executed by our handpicked interim leaders and staff.

When Do You Need Crisis Management Turnaround?

Crisis management turnaround becomes essential when a company receives a low CQC rating and faces subsequent regulatory action. The CQC holds the authority to inspect healthcare services and enforce corrective measures if the standards of care are not met.

Following a suboptimal rating, the CQC allows companies a grace period to rectify the service’s shortcomings. This window of opportunity is often just enough for a crisis management turnaround team to intervene and address the significant issues that led to the low CQC rating. A key strategy involves recruiting adept management and clinical staff members to integrate seamlessly into your team.

How MNS Consul Can Make a Difference

We offer unparalleled support and guidance, sourcing exceptional interim support managers and support staff with the expertise to navigate your crisis. This ensures that when the CQC re-evaluates your service, you can showcase the strides taken to enhance your offerings.

The collective expertise within our team highlights the pivotal importance of securing the right staff in both resolving crises and expediting a swift turnaround.
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