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Navigating the aftermath of the pandemic, senior care and living operators find themselves in the throes of a challenging operating landscape, teetering on the precipice of crisis. As uncertainties persist, the question looms: Is it now the opportune moment to enlist the expertise of a crisis turnaround consultant?

A Post-Pandemic Struggle for Survival

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many operators grappling with a myriad of distractions, making it challenging to focus on day-to-day survival, let alone contemplate budget compliance and performance metrics that may be falling well below industry benchmarks. 

With top-line performance lagging and expense management spiralling out of control, the repercussions intensify, resulting in cash flow shortfalls and resorting to vendors for loss-funding solutions.

Recognising the Warning Signs

The cascading indicators that operations are careening towards a crisis include:

• A noticeable decline in new business and referrals.

• Uncontrollable costs and decline in turnover

• A disproportionate increase in move-outs compared to admissions 

• Staff morale is low

• Resident and family satisfaction is plummeting to unprecedented levels.

• Investigations into resident, family, and staff complaints are consuming too much leadership time.

• Your care organisation has received a poor CQC rating or mock CQC Inspection.

If left unaddressed, these warning signs have the potential to escalate into irreparable damage to relationships with customers and stakeholders, including residents, regulators, vendors, and referral partners.

Timing is Crucial

Survival in these situations often hinges on taking action quickly. Care home Crisis Turnaround experts frequently emphasise that the only projects they’ve failed to turn around are those where assistance was sought far too late. 

There must be some semblance of room for manoeuvre for a turnaround to be truly viable—and a requisite for effecting material change. Essential to any care turnaround initiative is the availability of resources and human talent to navigate through the trough, stabilisation, and recovery phases.

Turnaround success is contingent upon:

• Establishing an experienced management team to spearhead the turnaround.

• Assessing, identifying and replacing people, policies and issues hindering improved results.

• Engaging a specialist care consultant with a track record of success.

A turnaround specialist adheres to a structured approach to drive positive outcomes. The initial step involves assessing a care organisation’s health to ascertain its survivability. This situational analysis delves into short and long-term issues, paving the way for the emergency action phase. 

This phase necessitates taking decisive actions to ensure survival, achieve positive cash flow swiftly, secure resources supporting the turnaround, and implement measures to retain committed resources for success.

Navigate Crisis with Expert Care Quality & Compliance Leadership

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Rely on our expertise to assist you in crafting a robust plan that not only aligns with regulations but also assures you that your care setting is well-prepared for potential crises. Be confident that our guidance and mentoring will empower you to retain control and garner the approval of local authorities.

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